The Program

The Free Yourself Program is not like any other problem gambling treatment program. It is the worlds first proactive approach to prevent problem gambling relapse.

Working from ‘problem gambling’ is not a disease but a learned behaviour we offer social activities and education to redirect the desire to gamble. What is learned can be unlearned! This provides a solid foundation to build a new pathway beyond the addiction.

Discover the motivation and strengths you need as you:

1. Feel better about yourself

How you feel about yourself affects everything you do. In an atmosphere of compassion and support, you’ll explore ways to develop a better opinion of yourself. This involves knowing how to separate the problems you face from your worth as a human being. Feeling good about yourself can give you the confidence to handle tough times and believe in a different future.

2. Recover your sense of humour

Whatever you can laugh at you can survive. Yet it is easy to get caught up in the problems we face and lose our sense of humour. This program is about connecting with others, having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. We build light-hearted and appropriate humour into all our sessions and events.

3. Set small goals

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. This program gives you something to do immediately and includes things for you to do from week to week. In this way, it can fill the gap that people sometimes feel when they stop gambling. Learning how to set small goals and achieving them can give you a sense of progress and control in your life. Small goals can be the stepping stones to any bigger changes you want to make.

4. Manage your moods

When we are anxious, or in a low mood, we are more vulnerable to do things that may feel good, but have bad results. In a good mood, we not only make better choices but everything we do can be easier. You’ll learn how to manage your moods by changing habits of thought and action.

5. Get along with others

“Interpersonal skills” or getting along with others, is something we use every day to interact with other people, yet most of us have never learnt do this. We make it fun to learn: How to listen effectively, how to give and receive criticism, making and refusing requests, how to apologise and how to manage difficult people.

This program came along just when I needed it! It has been a great experience and I think the way the group was launched with a weekend of great activities was the key to its success.
(Dana, 2014)

Program Dates

Free Yourself is a 8 week program of encouragement, support and possibilities to help you stop gambling. It differs from other approaches by combining social events, activities and education. There is always something to do. This provides a solid foundation for you to build your new pathway beyond addiction.

Chrysalis Insight Inc. is now recruiting participants and volunteers for the following program starting early next year.

  • 18 February – 8 April 2017

The program starts with a 2-day weekend and continues every Saturday OR Sunday for the remaining 7 weeks.

Any enquiries regarding this program or to order promotional material please email or call the office on: 0428 304 041.

Daredevils Social Club

This is a separate group to the “Free Yourself” program which helps to keep the mateship and social interaction of the program ongoing. We usually catch up on the 3rd Sunday of the month after the programs have finished.

Everlasting friendships evolve through this group due to a common understanding of the courage it takes to overcome gambling addiction.

More 2017 events will be posted soon.

Please email or call the office on: 0428 304 041 for further info.

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